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Cresting welcomes Dr. Lauren Rosenberg to Workshop 2

The Cresting ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) today heard from Dr. Lauren Rosenberg, who shared her inspirational story of arriving in Burundi in 2012; engaging in the Long Mile Coffee project ; to ultimately completing her PhD using an emergent transdisciplinary approach. In sharing her experience, Dr. Rosenberg explained the importance of PhD students understanding what they want to do,…

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Cresting Workshop 2 in Utrecht

The Cresting Team meet in Utrecht this week for the second in a series of workshops that will take place over the next few years. This is an important next step in the training for ESRs (Early Stage Researchers), as they plan the next phase of their projects.  

Utrecht University hosts second Cresting Workshop

As we prepare for the second Cresting Workshop, the ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) at Utrecht University provide an insight into Work Package 1, the forthcoming workshop and their projects.

Cresting Workshop 1: Hull, UK

At the Cresting Workshop in September 2018 we welcomed the ESRs (Early Stage Researchers), Supervisors, Partners and other stakeholders to the first of six workshops that will take place before the end of 2021.  The purpose of the workshops are to provide focussed training for the ESRs at key points in their research. A full…

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The crest of a wave

    An article all about the Cresting Project is featured in the June issue of the CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) Journal – see the link below. CIWM June 2018 – 3d

Recruitment Update

We are delighted to have received over 250 applications for the 15 Early Stage Researcher roles for the Cresting Project.  If you are an applicant, we will contact you if we require any further information or clarification on your application.  We are now reviewing the applications and completing the short listing process.  Candidates that have…

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Recruitment now open

Interested in the Circular Economy?  We are delighted to advertise 15 Early Stage Researcher job opportunities with University partners across Europe – for more details on these opportunities visit the Cresting Recruitment pages.  Closing date for applications is 28/03/18.

Cresting Project in the press

Dr Pauline Deutz, University of Hull talks to ‘Bondholders Marketing and the Humber’ about the Cresting Project, see link.        

Cresting Project Kick Off Meeting in Hull

The project team are meeting in Hull to discuss the implementation of the Cresting Project.  Key decisions about ESR (Early Stage Researcher) recruitment, the training of ESRs and future workshops formed part of the discussion.  Central to the project is the communication and dissemination of the project and its outputs.