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Below is a list of publications authored by CRESTING ESRs (Early Stage Researchers).

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Friant, M., Vermeulen, W.J.V., Salomone, R.  2021.  Analysing European Union circular economy policies: words versus action.  Sustainable Production and Consumption, Volume 27.

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Santa-Maria, T., Vermeulen, W.J.V., Baumgartner, R.  2020.  Framing and assessing the emergent field of business model innovation for the circular economy:  A combined literature review and multiple case study approach.  Sustainable Production and Consumption, Volume 26.

Walker, A.M., Vermeulen, W.J.V., Simboli, A., Raggi, A., 2021. Sustainability assessment in circular inter-firm networks: An integrated framework of industrial ecology and circular supply chain management approaches. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 286, 125457.

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