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The research team CREIDD from the University of Technology in Troyes (UTT), France, in partnership with the Chênelet Institute and the Communaute de Communes de Barséquanais, launched the Grand Chambardement project last week in Bar sur Seine. The project is looking for the sustainable re-dynamisation of the territory of Barséquanais using a participatory and collaborative methodology.  As part of the first stage of the project, Santiago Perez, doctoral candidate at the UTT and Cresting Early Stage Researcher (ESR), in collaboration with students from the masters IMEDD programme from the same university, designed and put in place four workshop sessions all along the territory of the Barséquanais.  The workshops used a participatory community mapping methodology to build a diagnosis of the towns visited and to do an initial exploration of the territorial potential of the inhabitants of each town.

For the second part of the project, another week of workshops will take place in July 2019. Citizens will be invited to identify potential synergies among the different actors that could enable the development of collaborative strategies to empower the community towards their territorial sustainability.  The activities planned include conferences introducing the Circular Economy and a Design Thinking workshop to be held by Estephania Delgadillo, doctoral candidate at the UTT and Cresting ESR, where different territorial actors will be invited to conceptualise innovative circular business models for satisfying the needs of the territory.