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Lenses of Value within Circular Economies

A circular mindset is often connected to retaining value or creating higher value, but can this mean anything other than monetary value? Explore this interactive blog written by Cresting ESRs  (Early Stage Researchers) Kieran Campbell-Johnston and Heather Rogers, and join the discussion on varied and interrelated perceptions of value in circular economies. What other lenses…

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To define or to act? — Front-runner perspectives on circular economy and sustainability

There is a new Cresting blogpost out on Medium:  CRESTING ESR (Early Stage Researcher) Erik Roos Lindgreen summarizes early results from research with CRESTING ESRs Anna Walker and Katelin Opferkuch, in which they interviewed Circular Economy front-runner companies about the connection between Circular Economy and sustainability. Two perspectives were found; how do these relate to…

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