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Cresting researchers at UTT use community mapping workshops at the Barséquanais to explore territorial capabilities for sustainability

The research team CREIDD from the University of Technology in Troyes (UTT), France, in partnership with the Chênelet Institute and the Communaute de Communes de Barséquanais, launched the Grand Chambardement project last week in Bar sur Seine. The project is looking for the sustainable re-dynamisation of the territory of Barséquanais using a participatory and collaborative…

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Cresting Team travels to USA to deliver thought provoking discussions on the Circular Economy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Earlier this month members of the Cresting Team travelled to New York and Washington D.C. to be part of International Sustainable Development Research Society expert panel providing thought provoking discussions on how the Circular Economy might contribute to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The visit helped to establish connections with researchers and policy makers…

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The UK Plastics Pact and Cresting project join forces to combat plastic waste

CRESTING has joined the UK Plastics Pact, launched in 2018 by WRAP. This collaborative initiative unites public, private and social actors to transform the plastic economy in a sustainable and circular manner. Plastics are the most ubiquitous materials of modern times. Polymers have become essential for every aspect of our economy, including healthcare, food and transportation and…

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