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Cresting Researchers visit Bärenschützklamm gorge, Mixnitz, Austria

Cresting researchers from the University of Technology of Troyes, University of Hull and the Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research (SIS) at the University of Graz visited Bärenschützklamm, about an hour’s drive from the city of Graz, Austria.  Past roaring waterfalls, bizarre rock formations, rare flora and fauna, they hiked through one of…

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VIRTUOUS CIRCLES – Building a Circular Economy in Portugal

  Tivoli Congress Centre, Lisbon Last Friday Cresting researchers Natacha Klein and Katelin Opferkuch attended a conference titled “Virtuous Circles: Building a Circular Economy in Portugal” hosted by the European Commission in Lisbon.  Speakers from Industry and Government, both Portuguese and international, were invited to discuss the present reality of waste management in Portugal in…

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Cresting researchers share their experience of Workshop 2 in Utrecht, Netherlands

Cresting researchers Katelin Opferkuch, Erik Roos Lindgreen and Anna Walker have written a short feature in a newsletter (Page 9) of AISME (Italian Academia for Commodity Sciences), published yesterday.  The researchers share their experience of the second Cresting Workshop in Utrecht, Netherlands earlier this year.