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ESR shares knowledge through Circular Economy and Industrial Ecology lectures

Cresting ESR Santiago PEREZ, working at the CREIDD research lab at the Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT), was invited to participate as a guest speaker during the UTT Summer Program.  During the 6 weeks of the Summer Program, the students, coming from different disciplines, engaged in a series of lectures and presentations on topics…

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Cresting researcher participates in Ellen MacArthur Foundation Programme – From Linear to Circular

Anna Diaz (Cresting Work Package 2.2), who conducts her PhD research at the Institute of System Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research (University of Graz, Austria) will be participating in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation programme “From linear to circular” during May and June 2019.  The core element of the programme is the development of a circular…

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