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The timeline, which can be accessed here, presents key articles from CRESTING professors leading to the conceptual development of the CRESTING project.  Moreover, the timeline provides a list of all publications made during the project period and a list of all CRESTING workshops and project relevant conferences.

Professors within the CRESTING project team and colleagues have been working on Sustainability, Industrial Ecology and Circular Economy over the past three decades. Now we summarised their most influential works in this new interactive timeline to illustrate the bulk of their work on the matter and provide an overview of the most relevant publications.

The timeline helps to get a better overall understanding of the long-term work of the researchers associated with CRESTING and their geographically and thematically diverse publications that contribute to the holistic aspiration of the CRESTING project.

Furthermore, the final objective of this interactive timeline is to create an easily accessible overview of the many key outputs developed by the CRESTING project’s Early Stage Researchers, including their academic publications, white papers, reports, workshops and events.