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The ESR Anna Walker has written her first blogpost in the Cresting blogpost series, all to be published on the platform medium.

In her post, she talks about how her colleagues Erik Roos Lindgreen and Katelin Opferkuch and herself conducted interviews with front-running circular companies. The interviews were based on a survey they had sent to over 800 Italian and Dutch companies, which were part of circular economy networks. Of the 155 answers we received, 43 were interviewed in spring 2020 to discuss things in more detail. The blog lays out the answers to a single question they had asked each of the interviewees. How do you think COVID-19 will affect the pursuit of a circular economy in your business, and in society more generally? Given the elevated relevance of this topic in light of the second wave of coronavirus, the authors decided to analyse and communicate our findings as soon as possible.  Read the full article here.