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As COVID-19 challenges us to rethink the systems underpinning the economy, yet circular economy and digital technologies have already been recognized as key enablers of the COVID-19 recovery, digitally-enabled ‘diverse circular economies’ now deserve more attention than ever.  So what are ‘diverse’ circular economies?

Check it out in the latest piece written by CRESTING ESR (Early Stage Researcher) Malgorzata Lekan that features Tedoy, un mundo para compartir – a circular initiative promoting Consumo Colaborativo Desprendido (Collaborative Consumption of Discarded Goods) from Santiago, Chile.  Malgorzata takes us on a journey to explore how such digitized alternative economic models can lead to a just and inclusive circular transition amidst COVID-19 and surveillance capitalism.

Many thanks to Circular Conversations for hosting the article and Tedoy for contributing to the study.

Let’s join the social movement toward more just digital technologies!

Read the article here.