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Below is a list of publications authored by CRESTING ESRs (Early Stage Researchers).

Researcher(s)Article titleKeywords Type of submissionDate Journal
Anna Walker, Katelin Opferkuch & Erik Roos LindgreenAssessing sustainability and circularity: A survey-based analysis of companies with circular economy practicesCircular economy, qualitative survey, sustainability assessment, measurement, empirical studyConference proceedingsApril 2020ISDRS 2020 Conference proceedings
Natacha KleinCircular Economy Practices and Strategies in Public Sector Organizations: an integrative reviewCircular economy, practices, strategies, sustainability, public sector organizations, review, frameworkReview paperMay 2020Sustainability (Circular Economy and Sustainable Strategies)
Martin Calisto FriantAdvancing a critical research agenda on the circular economyCircular Economy, Political Ecology, Sustainability, Transdisciplinary Research, Environmental DiscoursesConference proceedingsJune 2019ISDRS 2020 Conference proceedings
Martin Calisto FriantA typology of circular economy discourses: Navigating the diverse visions of a contested paradigmCircular economy, Circular society, Sustainability, Discourse analysis, Critical literature reviewReview paperJune 2020Resources, Conservation and Recycling
Kieran Campbell-Johnston, Martin Calisto Friant, & Kaustubh ThapaHow circular is your tyre: Experiences with extended producer responsibility from a circular economy perspectiveCircular economy, Policy analysis, Environmental governance, Sustainability, Extended producer responsibility, Tyre recyclingOriginal articleJune 2020Journal of Cleaner Production
Tomas Santa MariaFraming and assessing the emergent field of Business Model Innovation for the Circular Economy: A combined literature review and multiple case study approachCircular Economy, Sustainability, Business Model Innovation, Literature Review, Case StudyConference proceedingsJune 2020ISDRS 2020 Conference proceedings
Malgorzata Lekan, Heather A. RogersDigitally-enabled diverse economies: exploring socially inclusive access to the circular economy in the cityCircular economy, diverse economies, digital technologies, social inclusion, urban spacesOtherJune 2020Urban Geography (Debates and Interventions contribution to a special issue on CE)
Anna DiazData-driven decision-making instruments to support circular product design.circular product design, product lifecycle management, data-driven decision making, sustainable product development, digitalizationConference proceedingsJune 2020PLATE 2019 Product Lifetimes And The Environment – Conference proceedings
Anna DiazEnabling a data-driven sustainable product development in a circular economy.Sustainable Product Development, Product Lifecycle Management, Circular product design, Eco-design, DigitalizationConference proceedingsJune 2020ISDRS 2019 Conference Proceedings
Kieran Campbell-JohnstonThe circular economy and cascading: towards a frameworkCircular economy; material hierarchies; cascading; governance; cascade chainReview paperJune 2020Resources, Conservation and Recycling
Kieran Campbell-JohnstonEvaluating the impacts of WEEE policies: experiences with extended producer responsibilityWEEE; policy analysis; EPR; circular economyConference proceedingsJune 2020ISDRS 2020 Conference proceedings
Aodhan NewsholmeAn interdisciplinary conceptual framework exploring the barriers facing the circular economy at the regional scaleResource Efficiency, Industrial Ecology, Economic Development, International Business, Supply Chains.Conference proceedingsJune 2020ISDRS 2020 Conference proceedings
Erik Roos LindgreenA Critical Review of Academic Approaches, Methods and Tools to Assess Circular Economy at the Micro Levelcircular economy; sustainable development; circularity metrics; sustainability assessment; micro level; corporate sustainabilityReview paperAugust 2020Sustainability
Martin Calisto FriantAnalysing European Union circular economy policies: words versus actions


Circular economy;
policy analysis;
discourse analysis;
environmental governance;
circular society
Research ArticleNov 2020Sustainable Production and Consumption