A core purpose of Cresting is to advance the critical analysis of the concept and sustainability implications of the Circular Economy by training 15 ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) analysing Circular Economy related activity and initiatives in a range of geographic and economic settings.

Workshops are a core part of the Training of ESRs.  The workshops take place approximately every six months, the workshop programme for the project is included below.   The workshop programme / academic guide will be made available and the speaker videos will be available on the Cresting YouTube Channel.

Workshop 1:  Hull, September 2018


Purpose:  Introducing the Circular Economy; Research design for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects; Ethics; Career Development Planning; Local Circular Economy Showcase.

Dr Pauline Deutz welcoming the delegates to the 1st Cresting Workshop in Hull.


See the speaker video’s on Cresting’s YouTube Channel.

Workshop 2:  Utrecht, January 2019

Purpose:  Circular Economy Policy; Cross-cultural Research; Observing, participating and reflecting as research methods and training for employment; Local Circular Economy Showcase.

Professor Walter Vermeulen welcoming delegates to the 2nd Cresting workshop.

Cresting Workshop 2: Programme and Academic Guide

View the speaker videos on the Cresting YouTube Channel

Workshop 3:  Lisbon, September 2019

Purpose:  Public Sector and the Circular Economy; Academic publishing; Local Circular Economy Showcase.    

Dr Tomas Ramos welcoming delegates to the 3rd Cresting workshop in Lisbon.

Cresting Workshop 3:  Programme

View the speaker videos on the Cresting YouTube Channel

Workshop 4:  Troyes, February 2020

Purpose:  Building a Regional Circular Economy; Communicating and Disseminating Research in an Open Access World; Local Circular Economy Employment Showcase.

Workshop 5:  Graz, September 2020

Purpose:  Business and the Circular Economy; Exploitation of Research; Building Relationships with Stakeholders; Gender in the Workplace; Local Circular Economy Employment Showcase; Stakeholder Event – valorising results.

Workshop 6:  Pescara, Jan/Feb 2021

Purpose:  Measuring the Circular Economy; Local Circular Economy Employment Showcase; Stakeholder Event –  valorising results.