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Researchers reflect on EU Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference

Earlier in March, seven ESRs from Cresting ITN met in Brussels to attend the Circular Economy Stakeholder conference, which was hosted by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee. The purpose of the event was to stimulate high-level and multi-stakeholder political debate on the implementation of Circular Economy (CE) in Europe as…

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Cresting welcomes Dr. Lauren Rosenberg to Workshop 2

The Cresting ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) today heard from Dr. Lauren Rosenberg, who shared her inspirational story of arriving in Burundi in 2012; engaging in the Long Mile Coffee project ; to ultimately completing her PhD using an emergent transdisciplinary approach. In sharing her experience, Dr. Rosenberg explained the importance of PhD students understanding what they want to do,…

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Cresting Workshop 2 in Utrecht

The Cresting Team meet in Utrecht this week for the second in a series of workshops that will take place over the next few years. This is an important next step in the training for ESRs (Early Stage Researchers), as they plan the next phase of their projects.  

Utrecht University hosts second Cresting Workshop

As we prepare for the second Cresting Workshop, the ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) at Utrecht University provide an insight into Work Package 1, the forthcoming workshop and their projects.